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In neolith (artificial leather) that we have begun on 2004, we are the leader of the sector currently by means of daily production capacity of 1500 plates...

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It has a closed pore structure, It is produced in requested density ranging between 30-200 kg/m³as well as requested thicknesses and colors, It can be used in...

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It has a closed pore structure, It has a high resistance against impacts, It is suitable for a wide temperature range, It is antibacterial.

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It has a closed pore structure, It has a high resistance against impacts, It is suitable for a wide temperature range, It is not deformed...

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It has a closed pore structure, It can be used in applications requiring sound and thermal insulation, It is produced in requested thicknesses and colors with the...

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Our company which has begun the production of greenhouse cover, nylon bag and pouch on 1980 turned towards production of EVA based sole for slippers, sport shoes and shoes on 1990. It has become the factory having the highest production quantity in terms of tonnage of the Middle East and Europe in this sector by developing its product range and renewing its machinery on 2005. Our factory has a capacity of processing 35 tons raw material daily. We have brought in our wastes to the economy back by establishing our recycling facilities as of 2009.

The products produced by our company include EVA, SPE FOAM, XPE FOAM, NEOLITH, EPDM and RUBBER PRODUCTS. In addition to our own collection, we are able to produce products in various colors, patterns and qualities in accordance with the customers' requests in our factory performing its activities in a closed area of 20.000 m². Furthermore, we are able to laminate cloth, leather, polyethylene, foam rubber, double-sided tape, aluminum, metal, cardboard and similar items to our products. Fire-resistance rates of all our products can be increase and their REACH and ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) tests evidencing that they do not include any substance dangerous to human health are available.

The products produced by our company are demanded by many sectors like shoes-slippery-bag, sports materials, military items, stationery, toy, packing, textile, hotel items, health, maritime, promotion, automotive, white goods, heating-cooling-air conditioning, insulation, construction, flooring and parquet.

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Healthy, Hygienic and Aesthetic Solutions

Healthy, Hygienic Aesthetic and Durable

All of our products are our priority targets of being Healthy, Hygienic Aesthetic and Durable due to the importance of quality and economic cost as well as their usage ar

Economic Activities

We aim to present our products at economical cost without making any concession in order to have all our products in BİLSAN EVA Qualty without any problems.

Smooth Delivery, Easy Installation

We deliver our products that are our own production to you without any problems and at the same time, it is our priority targets to implement seamlessly and easily in all

Warranty and Sustainabilit

We are developing all the rubber and polyurethane product technologies without sacrificing quality in our products by foreseeing guaranteed and sustainable planned produc

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